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PASGT Helmet

The PASGT (Personal Armor System Ground Troops) is a brimmed helmet that provides full coverage with high-performance, multi-layered aramid construction.

Price: $0.00
Optional Ballistic Yoke (Shoulder, Collar and Throat Protection)
Optional Ballistic Shoulder Protection – Pair
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  • Manufactured with lightweight, high-performance aramid in a multi-layered construction
  • Full-coverage-style helmet 
  • Four-point adjustable retention system
  • Unique moisture-wicking chin strap material
  • NIJ 0106.01 Type IIIA protection
  • Sizes:
    • Medium 6.5” – 7.125” (16.51 cm x 18.098 cm) 37 oz. (1.043 kg)
    • Large 7.25” – 7.875” (18.41 cm x 20.003 cm) 40 oz. (1.134 kg)
    • X-Large 7.875” – 8.25” (20.003 cm x 20.955 cm) 40 oz. (1.134 kg)
  • Upgraded suspension system with military pad system
  • Carry bag
  • Non-ballistic riot face shields:
    • Model DK6-H .150
  • Ballistic face shields:   
    • Model 702L (single hit 9mm)
    • Model 702M (multi-hit 9mm)
    • Model 702MT (multi-hit Tokarev and Type IIIA rounds) 

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