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TSI 1, 2, & 3 Type IIIA Tactical Shields

The TSI family of shields feature a flat design with a low-profile, ambidextrous collapsible handle for easy storage and are 10% lighter than any other type IIIA shield with a viewport currently offered by PROTECH® Tactical.  Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Intruder™ G2™ Type IIIA Tactical Shield

The innovative Intruder™ G2™ is the first ballistic shield of its kind to incorporate PROTECH's unique triangular, front and back overlapping viewport. The shield addressess an operator's need for increased vertical peripheral vision in a ballistic shield.


Intruder™ HS Type IIIA Tactical Shield

The Intruder™ HS combines 30 years of advanced ballistic technology and experience with a rugged state-of-the-art molded design. It offers added coverage and high-speed maneuverability.  Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Body Bunker® Type IIIA Tactical Shield

So well-known that its name is often used in place of “ballistic shield,” Body Bunker provides solid protection during high-risk entries. The Body Bunker's unique design incorporates ballistic "wings" that allow for added protection and free-standing capabilities. Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Body Bunker® Breacher Type IIIA Shield

Developed to meet the needs of high risk, explosive entry teams the new Body Bunker® Breacher Shield offers the performance you can expect from a PROTECH Type IIIA ballistic shield with added protection against 17 gr. fragmentation with a v50 of 2078 feet per second (fps).


Defender Type IIIA Tactical Shield

With its curved rectangular design for increased protection against angled shots, the Defender also offers several options, including adding a lighting system. Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Mighty Mite Type IIIA Tactical Shield

Compact and lightweight, the protection offered by our Mighty Mite is strictly heavyweight. Our unique ambidextrous, multi-position handle also makes it easy to carry. Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Entry I & II Type IIIA Tactical Shields

Choose the large Entry II or choose the smaller Entry I, you'll be choosing superb protection against Type IIIA rounds and velocities that gives you added protection against angled shots with it's curved rectangular design.


Patroller™ FR Type IIIA Tactical Shield

The Patroller™ FR tactical shield was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the first responder.  Compact enough to fit in the truck of a patrol cruiser, the Patroller FR allows you to accomplish your mission safely and effectively with enhanced cover and uncompromised mobility. Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.


Patroller™ Type IIIA Tactical Shield

At 18" x 24" and 8.5 lbs., the Patroller is our smallest Type IIIA ballistic shield that utilizes a vacuum-formed outer skin design for increased durability.


Strike Shield Type IIIA Rollup Shield

The Strike Shield can be stowed in a small carry bag and tucked away in a vehicle or trunk for quick deployment and easy storage. The design of the Strike Shield is ideal for operations in compact areas where maneuverability is limited and the use of a traditional hard armor shield is not an option.


NATO™ Enhanced 1, 2, & 3 Type III Tactical Shields

The PROTECH NATO Enhanced family of shields offer freestanding capability with a curved rectangular design for maximum Type III protection. In addition, all NATO Enhanced model shields are specifically designed to defeat the 7.62 x 39mm MSC round.


Assault 1, 2, and 3 Type III Shields

The Assault Family of Type III shields are extremely lightweight and are ideal for operations that must be carried out in tight quarters and require high-powered-rifle protection. 


Phoenix IV™ Type IV Tactical Shield

The Phoenix IV™ is PROTECH's answer for protection against armor piercing rounds. Each Phoenix IV shield panel is designed for use on its own or in stacked configurations with three or more 16” x 24” panels. Optional viewport panel available. 


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