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R2S™ System for Delta™ 4 Helmets

The R2S™ (Ratchet Retention Suspension) System utilizes proven retention technology from the construction and safety market combined with the mesh-crown suspension system in PROTECH ballistic helmets.


Delta™ 4 Tactical Helmet

Delta™ 4 helmet combines an ergonomically contoured style with an upgraded four-point adjustable suspension system, shock-absorbing foam padding and a floating mesh crown for maximum air circulation.


Delta™ 4 MC Tactical Helmet

Delta™ 4 MC (Mid-Cut) helmet features raised ear cups for increased mobility, weight savings and greater integration with communications headsets.


Delta™ 4 HC Tactical Helmet

Delta™ 4 HC (High-Cut) helmet features raised ear cups for increased mobility, weight savings and greater integration with communications headsets.


Delta™ 4 Boltless Tactical Helmet

Modeled after the military Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), the new Delta™ 4 Boltless helmet's superior construction eliminates holes in the outer ballistic shell for uncompromised ballistic and impact protection.


PASGT Helmet

The PASGT (Personal Armor System Ground Troops) is a brimmed helmet that provides full coverage with high-performance, multi-layered aramid construction.


702 Ballistic Face Shield Series

The 702 family of ballistic face shields is designed to offer ballistic protection to meet various threats. The 702L is designed to defeat a single hit, the 702M is designed to defeat multiple hits and the 702MT is designed to defeat multiple hits and special threats.


Non-Ballistic DK-6 Face Shield for Delta™ 4 Helmets

The DK-6 non-ballistic face shield features a detachable system that allow the shield to be quickly and securely attached to the Delta™ 4 ACH/Warrior Style helmet and has been tested to the NIJ 0104.02 Riot Face Shield Standard.


Non-Ballistic Nape Curtain

The flexible, non-ballistic nape curtain is compatible with all Delta™ 4 helmets and snaps directly into the back portion of the helmet to provide coverage to the back of the neck.


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