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Tactical Vests



The CAV™ (Core Assault Vest) is a high-speed carrier that includes the standard desirable features required by tactical teams and the ability to customize the vest based on individual preferences. 


FAV™ MKII Enhanced

The FAV™ MKII Enhanced tactical carrier provides unparalleled modularity, optimum coverage and enhanced ballistic protection for a variety of tactical operations. It is our most scalable tactical platform that allows you to customize your vest configuration based off of your mission.


FAV™ MKII Enhanced QR (Quick Release)

The FAV™ MKII Enhanced QR incorporates all the same features and upgrades of the innovative FAV MKII Enhanced tactical vest but with a simplistic Quick Release system which is ideal for maritime operations or for agencies requiring quick doffing capabilities.


FAV™ LP (Low-Profile) Enhanced

The FAV LP Enhanced carrier serves to bridge the gap between tactical and concealable within the FAV MKII family of carriers.


FAV™ LV (Low-Vis) Enhanced

The FAV LV Enhanced carrier is the concealable option for the FAV MKII family of modular carriers.



The APV is designed around the BALCS (Body Armor Load Carriage System)/SPEAR (Special Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements) ballistic shape used by the U.S. military for high speed and mobility.


APV QR (Quick Release)

The APV QR (Quick Release) vest incorporates all the same features of the standard APV tactical vest with the addition of a quad release QR system which is ideal for  maritime operations or for agencies requiring quick doffing capabilities.


TITAN™ Assault Enhanced

The TITAN™ Assault Enhanced provides a customized approach to coverage to suit specific tactical maneuvers and is compatible with a spectrum of options currently offered by PROTECH Tactical.


FAV™ T1 & T2

The FAV™ T1 and T2 tactical vests are contoured, high-speed tactical carriers that allow you to upgrade or customize your coverage as needed during an operation.


TAC 6 Plus® HP

The TAC 6 Plus® HP is a fully-adjustable, increased coverage vest in an easy access, side-opening design.


Cover 6 Plus® HP

The Cover 6 Plus® HP is a full-coverage, front-opening vest that combines added adjustability with upgraded features.



The TRIMAX™  offers increased coverage through a unique overlapping, detachable yoke that moves with the wearer for added comfort, fit and protection.


Rapid Response™

The Rapid Response™ with expandable 8-inch elastic side closures and 4-inch overlapping adjustable shoulders is a popular choice for groups that must respond quickly to high-risk situations.


Rapid Response F1™

A high-speed entry vest with front-opening ease, the Rapid Response F1™ offers duty-belt compatibility through a short-waisted design.


Titan™ Assault (Legacy)

Designed to offer high-risk entry teams increased mobility and the ability to build protection and coverage required for specific applications, the Titan™ Assault offers detachable yoke, groin and bicep protection.


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